How Can Stress Cause Weight Loss?

can stress cause weight loss

How Can Stress Cause Weight Loss?

Can stress cause weight loss? If you are subject to constant stress for prolonged periods of time or have suffered severe emotional trauma from one traumatic experience then you may very well begin losing weight due to stress. Weight loss due to stress, is referred to as stress-induced weight loss. Many individuals who have been subjected to high levels of stress for extended periods of time have attempted to lose weight by depriving themselves of food.

The process of digestion is extremely complex and extremely sensitive to any changes in diet and physical activity. Stress alters the digestive system so that it is less efficient. It is not that the body is incapable of making the required digestive enzymes; it simply does not have the capacity to do so under such duress. Stress can cause the body to crave unhealthy foods that would normally break down the digestive system. As the digestive system is forced to operate under stressful conditions; calories are burnt off as a result of the metabolism being slowed down and nutrients which should go into the digestive tract as part of the normal digestive process are not absorbed due to poor digestion.

The body’s inability to process large quantities of dietary fat leads to obesity. Fat itself is toxic to the body; consequently, the body is unable to use it as efficiently as it would normally and therefore is compelled to eat it. The increased consumption of processed foods therefore has a negative impact on the entire digestive system and as a consequence, the individual may experience weight gain irrespective of whether they are experiencing stress or not.

Processed foods are high in sugar and as a result cause the brain to crave them. Sugar is a stimulant and as a result causes the brain to think more often about food and leads to a need to diet. Dieting causes one to feel hungrier and as a result their bodies are unable to process and eliminate the extra sugar and as a result gain weight. Thus, a diet that eliminates or reduces sugar intake results in a better ability to lose weight.

Another thing that you need to do is to burn calories more efficiently as a way to lose weight. As your digestive system becomes sluggish, you will burn calories at a slower rate and therefore put on excess weight. A good way to burn calories is to eat less and as the food goes through the stomach and the small intestine, there is a constant exchange of gases and digestive fluids which take place. As you eat less, you are able to take in more energy and as a result the metabolism is able to work at a higher level, resulting in a change in metabolism which results in weight loss.

Lastly, a major contributor to weight loss and stress related health problems is high blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to a decrease in metabolism, a slower breakdown of fat and as a result an increase in fat deposits. It can also lead to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. As you are stressed out your body releases a high concentration of a hormone called cortisol which leads to the increased production of the hormone and therefore increases your chances of developing both conditions.

Therefore, if you want to know how can you lose weight and the best way to do so, you need to first understand some of the underlying causes of weight gain. You need to identify which of these reasons you are stressed out by. Next, you need to eliminate the reasons as one by one in order to effectively get rid of the stress. Once you have eliminated each of these reasons, you are left with the one primary reason, which is your body being unable to process and eliminate all the excess hormones your body is receiving. This is where the solution comes in, by learning how to eat less and move more you will be able to shift your metabolism to a higher level and consequently burn more calories and fat.

Many people will argue that a diet is not enough to lose the weight, and in fact, most diets do not help the body lose weight or get rid of the stress it is experiencing. Although, diet and exercise does not necessarily directly lead to weight loss, it can increase your chances of achieving quick weight loss if combined with a healthy lifestyle. By learning how can stress cause weight loss you will be able to identify the causes of your anxiety and therefore learn how to deal with it more effectively. So start living a healthier life today!