What Vitamins Should I Take For Weight Loss?

As I explained in an earlier article, I am not a doctor and so, I can’t tell you exactly what vitamins should I take for weight loss. There are various types of vitamins that you may use, but the following is what I recommend.

what vitamins should i take for weight loss

Vitamin B complex: As we know that vitamin B is very essential for us. There are certain studies that have shown that the intake of folic acid increases women’s fertility and thus their chances of getting pregnant. So, by taking folic acid, you are also increasing your chances of becoming pregnant and hence your chances of getting pregnant.

It is essential that you use vitamin C on a daily basis. The best way to get this vitamin is through drinking orange juice.

Vitamin D: Although not as important as the other two vitamins, still it is recommended to take vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis. If you don’t take this vitamin, then you may have a higher chance of having fractures later in life. So, if you are considering taking vitamin D, make sure you take it from a source that is clean.

Niacin: Niacin is very essential for our health. However, many people don’t realize that this vitamin can also make you feel better. So, if you feel like everything around you is “not quite right”, taking niacin may help you out.

Vitamin A: As you probably know, Vitamin A is found in carrots, broccoli, eggs, milk, fish, poultry, nuts, and soy. We are using these foods quite often, so it is necessary that we are getting enough vitamin A in our diet.

Vitamin B12: It is very important that you are taking B12 supplements, because too little of this vitamin can lead to Rheumatoid arthritis. So, if you need to check your blood vitamin levels, get tested. You will see the result in a couple of weeks.

Vitamin C: Another one of the vitamins that may help with losing weight. Having more vitamin C can help you feel more energetic and happier, and can keep your immune system strong.

Green Tea: Although I can’t explain why green tea can help you lose weight, people who have used it report that it has helped them lose weight. However, this is just a theory, so make sure you don’t drink too much.

Chromium: This mineral helps with body functions. The more proper blood supply to your brain, the better the rest of your body functions.

Some of the people who are underweight don’t know that such vitamins can help them with weight loss. These vitamins help your body produce more energy and keep you healthy.

If you are serious about wanting to start losing weight, and all natural foods are not providing the results you want, you may want to talk to your doctor about nutritional supplements. Remember, he/she can provide you with the information and vitamins that will help you lose weight.